Q & A

How can I help bring new businesses to the district?
The Economic Development Committee seeks to strengthen the district’s existing economic assets while expanding and diversifying its economic base. The program helps sharpen the competitiveness of existing business owners and recruits compatible new businesses to build a commercial district that responds to the needs of Egleston Square residents and visitors. The committee also maintains up-to-date market information. Learn more about Egleston Square by reading the first part of the Egleston Square Market Assessment and Business District Analysis.

Which organization promotes community events?
The Promotions Committee works to promote a positive image of Egleston Square and encourages visitors, residents, business owners and investors to shop, play and invest in the commercial district. By organizing special events such as the Peace Vigil, the Tree Lighting/Parranda Navideña and collaborating with other organizations on their events, the committee forges a positive image of Egleston Square and its unique characteristics.

Which department improves the look and feel of Egleston Square?
The Design Committee works to get Egleston Square into top physical shape by creating an inviting atmosphere through attractive storefronts, public improvements and accessible parking. Tackling the district’s safety, trash and traffic issues conveys a positive message about the commercial district and what it has to offer. Design activities also include instilling good maintenance practices in the commercial district.