10 3/4 Reasons to Support ESMS!

(This announcement was made at our recent Annual Meeting & Networking Breakfast. Thank you 826Boston!).

This is a brief Public Service Announcement from 826 Boston, your friendly neighborhood youth writing center, headquartered in Egleston Square and providing free writing and tutoring programs to over 2,000 BPS students each year.

10 ¾ reasons why you should support Egleston Square Main Streets:

1) They champion independent businesses like the Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute.

2) Betsy’s smile can be seen from outer space.

3) Since 1996, Main Streets has played an important role in revitalizing Egleston Square.

4) ESMS holds a tree lighting ceremony every December in the Peace Garden. Once it was so cold a gospel choir froze to the ground and had to be freed by the Boston Fire Department.

5) The part about the fire department isn’t completely true. However, Main Street does bring together business leaders, nonprofit organizations, and community leaders each month to make Egleston a better place.

6) Thanks to Egleston Square Main Street, residents have access to fresh produce, funky records, affordable home goods, and even unicorn tears.

7) And kids have after-school opportunities and places to work.

8) True or false? Betsy’s first office was an Army issue pup tent located in the Peace Garden.

9) False. However, ESMS does do a fabulous job of enlisting volunteers to maintain the Peace Garden.

10) Guess which community organization has a rock-and-roll drummer for its executive director.

10 ¾) Egleston Square Main Street.

10 3/4 reasons to support ESMS and 2 easy ways to donate:

  • Donate easily TODAY through Network for Good.
    2. You can also make a tax-deductible donation to Egleston Square Main Street, by sending a check to: Egleston Square Main Street, 3134 Washington Street, Roxbury, MA 02119.


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