High-fives all around!

The amazing teachers and staff at the Rafael Hernandez K-8 Dual Language School in Egleston Square organized a high-five line to welcome students back to school. Family liaison and longtime Hernandez staff member Anita Torres got to school at dawn to put up balloons. We chatted with Carina Lopez, who came out from the City of…

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News About the Egleston Square Peace Garden

Alumni, students, teachers, and friends of Greater Egleston High School, a co-founder of the Egleston Square Peace Garden, hold up a painting entitled "Keep the Peace" to show their support.

With advocacy and support from many of you here in Egleston Square and beyond, the City of Boston has been in conversations with property owners Clear Channel Outdoor over the past year about acquiring the Egleston Square Peace Garden property to re-design and renovate as a permanent community park. The City invited Peace Garden advocates…

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Be a Summer Youth Worker in Egleston Square!

Egleston Square Main Street has 3 summer youth jobs available this year through the SuccessLink program! Read on for more info… We are located in the Roxbury/Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Egleston Square and our office is inside of the Egleston Square YMCA. Part of this job will be in person in Egleston Square and part…

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