Paint Boxes in Egleston Square!

Artist Roberto Chao working on his PaintBox

Artist Roberto Chao working on his PaintBox

The Egleston Square PaintBoxes are slowly dotting the neighborhood. At this moment, three are strategically located on Boylston Street leading from Amory Street up to Washington.

Egleston Square Main Street and the Boston Art Commission teamed up this summer to announce an open call to artists for submissions to transform the utility boxes in Egleston Square into public art pieces that celebrate the diverse community of Egleston Square.

Currently, the three paintboxes completed will assist a community vision of creating a public art corridor on the street. This is a vision created by neighbors and members of the Egleston Community Orchard, JPNet and the wonderful folk at the Egleston Farmers Market.

The PaintBox on the corner of Washington and Boylston (pictured at left) was painted by Egleston based artist, Roberto Chao. Roberto is known for his numerous community murals throughout Jamaica Plain and in this box he chose to honor the musical traditions of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The fun and active art piece is already the talk of the neighborhood on the active corridor.

10648478_10152495951568495_58276789692033914_oFurther down Boylston Street in front of Bismark Street is Rebecca Rose Greene‘s study on fauna from the Caribbean. We all felt that Rebecca’s theme worked well with a street that includes the orchard and is adjacent to an empty lot where a public art piece by another Egleston based artist, Carolyn Lewenberg.

10311078_333267103500459_371570434_nAs one completes their walk down Boylston Street, you come across Franklin Marval‘s Paintbox at the corner of Boylston and Amory Street. We felt that Franklin’s theme of bright red heart surrounded by a colorful band of loops worked well with the colorful playscape in the DCR playground behind the space.

Stay tuned for Paint Boxes completed by Susan Shian and Chelsea Revelle.