News About the Egleston Square Peace Garden

With advocacy and support from many of you here in Egleston Square and beyond, the City of Boston has been in conversations with property owners Clear Channel Outdoor over the past year about acquiring the Egleston Square Peace Garden property to re-design and renovate as a permanent community park.

The City invited Peace Garden advocates as well as representatives from Clear Channel to Mayor Michelle Wu’s State of the City address last Wednesday. Mayor Wu said, “We worked alongside residents in Egleston Square and business partners to secure a Community Peace Garden on Washington Street.” [See full transcript here]

What this means is both the City of Boston and Clear Channel are now working collaboratively toward the outcome we’ve all been advocating for. A final purchase and transfer of property for open park space takes a long time, but our partners at the City feel positive and excited and are working hard to move the process forward.

We’re taking this as joyous news!

If you were an early Peace Garden organizer, if someone you love’s name and memory are recorded there, if you worked making the Peace Garden a place that people love and care about, if you made art or performed there, if you built community there, if you advocated and told City officials or Clear Channel or the internet what the Peace Garden meant to you…

Celebrate this milestone!

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