3200 Washington Street

Egleston Square Main Street recently sent a letter to Boston’s Zoning Board of Appeal saying that the organization is ok with the requested variances while still maintaining our support for one more additional unit of affordable housing.



September 14th Update

An NPR report on the 3200 project by Simón Rios and WBUR



and here in Spanish



Update: August 15BRA Votes 4-1 to approve 3200 Washington Street Development.

Update: July 15The Board position on the disposition of the 50-52 Montebello Rd property.

To follow what is happening with 50-52 Montebello Road project, goto the CoUrbanize page.

Update: April 15 –  The approved position from the ESMS Board in the 3200 Washington Street Project

Update: March 30, 2015 – A good part of the affordability conversation (how many “affordable units will be included in the projected) has centered around the property at 52 Montebello Street in Egleston Square. This property has been discussed by the proponents as a possible opportunity to add a community benefit. The benefit would be to either buy the property and redevelop it in order to then transfer the property to a local Community Development Corporation (CDC) for affordable housing. The other option is for the proponents to make a donation would make a donation to a local CDC to redevelop the land and property on their own.

The point of contention would be that WITH the development of the 52 Montebello site, it would allow the proponents to meet a threshold of 25% for affordable units when they combine the on-site and off-site affordable units. This threshold has been set by the local neighborhood council. WITHOUT the 52 Montebello site as a part of the community benefits, the proponents meet the CITY’s requirement of 15% but not the 25%.

If the 52 Montebello site is to be considered, the proponents would first have to respond to the Request For Proposals (RFP) for the site. The City’s Department of Neighborhood Development has recently announced that RFP.

The BRA process for proposed development at 3200 Washington Street, current site of the vacant Economy Plumbing Building & E&J Auto body, continues. Make sure to add your voice to the conversation!


We’re hoping to provide links on this page to all public documents as well as any and all news reporting that have been published.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority has created a one stop page for the development here where one can find both the development Letter Of Intent as well as the detailed Project Notification Form. The BRA contact for the project is Edward M McGuire (617.918.4251 | Edward.McGuire@boston.gov). Stakeholders should feel free to email Edward with comments.

Note: The Public comment has been extended til April 15th. The Public comment period has been further extended til Friday, May 1st.

Note: Jamaica Plain residents, if you want to be on the BRA notification list for any and all development projects taking place in the neighborhood, please goto this page and add your email. [Similarly, our Roxbury residents can sign up here for notifications about Roxbury specific projects.]

News Articles on the Project:

Egleston Square Main Streets Board approved a position on this project at our March 10th meeting.

The project is on a web site called BLDUP which includes some drawings. It looks like an industry web presence.

The proposal at the RODE Architects Web Site with more drawings and renderings.

a slideshow presentation from Egleston Square resident and ESMS Board Member, Tim Reardon